Maxon MX-C11 Price in Barbados 2021

The best available price of Maxon MX-C11 in Barbados is 0/- BBD and currently it is available across multiple online stores in Barbados as well as Bridgetown, and Bridgetown along with the complete warranty as per store policy.

Maxon MX-C11 Price in Barbados and Available Countries

Country Price Price - BBD Store
Barbados - 0/- BBD

Best available price of Maxon MX-C11 in Barbados

Maxon MX-C11 Price and Specifications in Barbados

Name Maxon MX-C11
New Price BBD. 0/- Aproximately
Used Price BBD. 0/- Aproximately
Release Date Released 2004
Specifications Display, , No card slot, Camera, 720 mAh Battery.
Variants No card slot

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Maxon MX-C11 Price in Available Stores of Barbados

Store Name Price Explore

Maxon MX-C11 Specs.

Maxon MX-C11 released on Released 2004 with attractive specifications having 81g, 21mm thickness, Super Performance Operating system of Feature phone and Heavy Storage of No card slot.
Maxon MX-C11 is amazing choice within similar mobile phones catgory with along with No card slot builtin storage with AddOn power of Excellent Camera and Super Display Size Screen with battery capacity of 720 mAh.

Released 2004 81g, 21mm thickness; Feature phone; No card slot
Screen Size




720 mAh

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Maxon MX-C11's Alternative Mobile Phones

Maxon MX-C11 at Realme Watch
1.4" Display, Camera,
& 160 mAh Battery.
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Maxon MX-C11 at Xiaomi Watch Color
1.39" Display, Camera,
& 420 mAh Battery.
View Price
Maxon MX-C11 at Nokia 150 2020
2.4" Display, 0.3 MP Camera,
& 1020 mAh Battery.
View Price
Maxon MX-C11 at Nokia 125
2.4" Display, Camera,
& 1020 mAh Battery.
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Maxon MX-C11 at Apple iPad Air (2020)
10.9" Display, 12 MP Camera,
& Battery.
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Maxon MX-C11's Alternative Maxon Mobile Phones

Maxon MX-C11 Performance Ranking

1 out of 10
1 out of 10
1 out of 10
3 out of 10

Over All Performance Ranking of Maxon MX-C11 is 1.5 Out of 10


Maxon MX-C11 Comparison vs. Other Mobile Phones

View Specifications
Maxon MX-C11 at Maxon MX-C11
Display, Camera,
& 720 mAh Battery.
Price: 0/- BBD

Maxon MX-C11 Amazing Features with Tips and Tricks

Maxon MX-C11 Advanced Specifications.

Maxon MX-C11 Released 2004 with advanced features: 81g, 21mm thickness, Feature phone extra-performance OS; Graphical User friendly interface, heavy memory with No card slot. Maxon MX-C11 is the best selection in the same group as mobile phones with , No card slot with addon megapixels, powered camera and screen with 720 mAh capacity of heavy battery.

Pros and Cons of Maxon MX-C11

Maxon MX-C11 Pros:

  • Smart Size 81g, 21mm thickness
  • OS: Feature phone
  • Big Mobile Screen size of
  • Extra Builtin Storage of No card slot

Maxon MX-C11 Cons:

  • Low Resolution Camera of
  • Low/Average Speed Ram of
  • Low/Average Performance Battery having power capacity of 720 mAh

Frequently Asked Questions about Maxon MX-C11

  • When Maxon MX-C11 have been released ?
  • Answer: Released 2004

  • Whether Maxon MX-C11 is available in Barbados ?
  • Answer: Yes its available in Barbados.

  • What is the price of Maxon MX-C11 in Barbados ?
  • Answer: Lowest Price in Barbados is 0/- BBD.

  • Where i can get Cheapest price of Maxon MX-C11 in Barbados ?
  • Answer: Please find the Cheapest Mobile Phone price at Mymobilemarket-Barbados

  • Which country Maxon MX-C11 is more cheapest in the World ?
  • Answer: Find the Cheapest Maxon MX-C11 Phone price in world at Mymobilemarket Network.

  • What is the Screen size of Maxon MX-C11 ?
  • Answer: Screen size is .

  • Which Camera is there in Maxon MX-C11 ?
  • Answer: Camera Power is .

  • What is the Ram in Maxon MX-C11 ?
  • Answer: Ram capacity is .

  • How much is the Storage capactity in Maxon MX-C11 ?
  • Answer: Available Storage is No card slot.

  • What are the storage variants available in Maxon MX-C11 ?
  • Answer: It is available in No card slot variants.

  • Which battery is there in Maxon MX-C11 ?
  • Answer: Battery Power is 720 mAh

  • What is the batery timming of Maxon MX-C11 ?
  • Answer: Battery timing is as per 720 mAh battery capacity and Mobile Usage.

  • What is the Operating system in Maxon MX-C11 ?
  • Answer: OS is Feature phone

  • Which SIM Maxon MX-C11 have, Single or Dual ?
  • Answer: It have

  • How Much is the CPU in Maxon MX-C11 ?
  • Answer: Maxon MX-C11 have following CPU;

  • What Colours are available in Maxon MX-C11 ?
  • Answer: It's available in Colors.

  • Is Maxon MX-C11 a good phone?
  • Answer: Yes, its one of the good option within same category Mobile Phones.

  • Is Maxon MX-C11 better than other Mobile Phones?
  • Answer: Yes, its best choice, however you can compare the other available options here.

  • Is Maxon MX-C11 waterproof?
  • Answer: No, its not waterproof.

  • Which is better Maxon MX-C11 or other Mobile Phones?
  • Answer: It is a better phone, as well as other available options are also considerable.

  • Does Maxon MX-C11 have fingerprint?
  • Answer: Maxon MX-C11 have following available Sensors;

  • What is the difference between Maxon MX-C11 and other Mobile Phones?
  • Answer: Maxon MX-C11 is good in its built quality, while you can compare the features with other available options.

Maxon MX-C11 Reviews - Video

Checkout Unboxing and detailed Video review of Maxon MX-C11 about the Look, Amazing features and specifications.

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